A close up of a box of fake eyelashes on a purple background. The box of false eyelashes contains 2 pairs.
A close up of fake eyelashes on a models eye. The false eyelashes are made of plant fibres.
A pair of fake eyelashes on a white backdrop. The false eyelashes are made from plant fibre and look natural
Comfort Wear Falsies | Betty
Comfort Wear Falsies | Betty
A model with purple hair wearing a pair of natural looking false eyelashes

Comfort Wear Falsies | Betty

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Lashes so comfy you'll forget you have them on.

Your new favourite lashes! The ultimate solution for achieving a natural and comfortable eyelash look. Made with plant fibers and designed with a wispy texture, these false offer a truly natural look that will enhance your eyes while feeling weightless.

Betty- These lashes are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of playfulness and drama to their look. Betty lashes are designed with varying lengths, creating a stunning and unique look.

Why choose Comfort Wear Falsies?

Lightweight plant fibres are comfortable for 12 hr wear
More natural and lighter than synthetic lashes
Easy to apply - save time in your makeup routine
Great for any makeup skill level - including beginners