Two pairs of false eyelashes in a white box. Fake eyelashes are natural, wispy and light.
Close up of false eyelash on model. Very wispy and natural looking fake eyelash.
Two photos comparing regular synthetic eyelashes to plant fibre lashes. The plant fibre lashes look much more natural, soft and light.
A close up of fake eyelashes on a white backdrop. The fake eyelashes are very soft looking and get gradually longer from inner to outer corner.
Redhead model holding up a box of fake eyelashes close to her face. The model is smiling and looking to the side.
A close up of fake eyelashes on a models eye

Comfort Wear Falsies | Cherie

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Lashes so comfy you'll forget you have them on.

Your new favourite lashes! The ultimate solution for achieving a natural and comfortable lash look. Made with plant fibers and designed with a wispy texture, these falsies offer a truly natural look that will enhance your eyes while feeling weightless.

Cherie-The perfect choice for anyone who wants to enhance their eyes while maintaining a natural and subtle look. Wispy, delicate, with a “lash extension like" appearance.

Why choose Comfort Wear Falsies?



Lightweight plant fibres are comfortable for 12 hr wear
More natural and lighter than synthetic lashes
Easy to apply - save time in your makeup routine
Great for any makeup skill level - including beginners