Close up product shot of a makeup remover pen. Micellar water is gentle to remove eye makeup and lash glue.
A model using makeup remover pen to touch up makeup.
A model using a makeup remover pen to clean her false eyelashes.
A model using a makeup remover pen with micellar water to touch up her lipstick.

EASY LASH Remover Pen

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Melt away lash glue and other makeup products in seconds.

Removes stubborn lash glue that other makeup removers can't, and gets right into the lash line easily to ensure no glue is left behind. Your new go to remover! 

Multi-use product! Instantly remove glue liner, quickly fix makeup mishaps, and clean false lashes after wearing. Gentle micellar water cleanser is safe for all skin types. Removes even waterproof and long wearing makeup. Great for on the go. Comes with 3 replacement tips.